The Jenny Bray Experience

Matthew Ieuan born April 4th 2007     Samuel Raymond born August 4th 2004


Jake Dylan born 3rd July 2002                   William Dafydd born August 7th 1986

Alan & Jenny

CD 'Jenny Bray' - released 1999 features a selection of original songs recorded at Generic Chaos Productions, Newtown PA, Produced by Matt Kohut and J.P. Wasiko. Available through mail order for $12 (incl p & p). Please send money to 'Bramble Music', (UK only) On sale at:-
Track Records Doylestown PA USA or Sidney Scarborough, Hull, UK click on CD picture for reviews.

click titles to listen to Jenny Bray performing
Whinig Bitch
Wouldn't You Be Sorry

other tracks include:-

Turn, Artillery, Fast Asleep, You Found
Made a Cake, Brother, Sorry Lady.

Jenny & Annibal at Karla's

In concert at Solebury Orchards, PA. USA. - July 2000

with Jenny on the UK tour in August 2000 were, (from the left), John Thompson (sax), Olive Joseph (vocals) and J.P.Wasiko (percussion).