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William - born in New Hope, Pennsylvania

August 7th - grandson no. 1                                         

                 In the Western world, during the early days of marriage various comments are made to the young couple, such as …..  ‘May all your troubles be little ones’  or ‘We’ll soon be hearing the patter of tiny feet’.  We

smile and happily accept the fact that in most cases we soon will have ‘little ones’ with ‘tiny feet’.  When they arrive, we devote ourselves to caring for them, for their welfare and their development for many years.   No one prepares us for what happens when they grow up and start a family of their own or when those ‘tiny’ feet walk out to build their own nuclear family and there is silence

in our home and we become ‘Granny’.  Granny’s own experience is only as ‘Mum’ and before you know it, we’re into ‘muddy waters’.

Jake Dylan Leach born in

New Jersey

August 7th 2003


                                                I find myself thinking back to how my mother coped when I grew up and left home…. the change in our relationship as I made my new life with my husband and babies and my


 Mum became Granny.  For as long as I could remember, Mum had always known what to do:  she knew everything, including what to do with teething babies and sore bottoms and a million other baby things – I had not!  Subsequently I found myself complaining that ‘Mum still treats me as though I were a little girl’.   Then I saw only dimly. Now, a Granny myself, I see more clearly.  I accept that now my children are where I was with my Mum.   No doubt I make mistakes but the fact that we are good friends – Granny, Children and Grandchildren - must mean I’ve done some things right!


Many Grannies today are still influenced by earlier life-styles and the attitudes of previous generations, where the extended family lived in the same area and Granny had a real role to play.   Now, however, the extended family may live many miles away

       Samuel Raymond Leach - born August 4th 2004

son of Jenny and Alan.

 or even in another country.   Granny has to change her own expectations and adapt to fit in with the 21st Century way of life – with varying degrees of success!

                                                Coming to terms with this can be a joyful release from the expectation of others or it can be a source of depression and loneliness: of being discarded as having no further use….
never fear -GRANNY SUPPORTis here!
                                                This web-site is saying; ’Come on, Grannies, let’s help each other!’.  Let us share stories, joys, sorrows, fears, anxieties, profiles, hobbies, tips and anything else we have on our minds or in our hearts.   
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